About Recruiting Sports Network

Millions of high school and junior college athletes worldwide along with their parents and coaches devote substantial effort, time and money to realizing their dreams of competing or receiving an athletic scholarship at a U.S. college.

What is the key missing piece for them to be recognized and pursued by college Coaches?


Recruiting Sports Network was built to provide these athletes with the advantage in connecting with their future college coaches by easily uploading game length video to our library. Athletes and parents need to recognize that college coaches base their recruiting decisions on full length competition evaluations of athletes – they won’t recruit you without it.

Highlight video is insufficient for a college coach to make a commitment to an athlete because it does not provide an adequate sample of elements such as skills, team play, IQ and attitude for college coaches to feel comfortable given how critical recruiting and athletic scholarship decisions are for their jobs and programs. RSN’s platform provides athletes and coaches with the opportunity for an earlier assessment in the recruiting process and facilitates more detailed due diligence for coaches and athletes, thus minimizing negative experiences and issues such as the chronic incidence of transfers in intercollegiate athletics.

By uploading their games and profiles to RSN, athletes and their coaches also cut through the numerous limitations related to college coaches’ ability to sufficiently observe and evaluate their performances. Immediately.

RSN’s video uploading platform covers the most comprehensive range of male and female intercollegiate sports on the internet and expands opportunities for athletes around the globe to gain the attention of U.S. college coaches.

RSN is committed to providing a great customer experience and delivering strong value-added. We will use our technology, scale and proprietary sports insight to identify products and enhancements that elevate our customer experience and productivity through providing cutting edge, progressive offerings to both athletes and coaches.

As a former college coach and athlete, RSN’s founder possesses a passion for insuring that athletes and coaches receive positive opportunities and experiences. Recruiting Sports Network was founded on simple, powerful insider knowledge of the college recruiting process and market thus enabling RSN to provide resources to make this process significantly more efficient for athletes and coaches.

RSN is truly a game changing solution to the college recruiting process.