Our Mission

Our young athletes and their parents and coaches devote substantial effort, time and money into realizing their dreams of competing and receiving an athletic scholarship at the U.S intercollegiate level.

We developed Recruiting Sports Network to help these athletes and their current and future college coaches by providing the key missing piece to connecting them for these opportunities - a platform for athletes to directly upload full game or competition videos for immediate viewing by college coaches, thus eliminating several hurdles and making the recruiting process more efficient for both athletes and coaches.

College coaches and recruiters base their recruiting decisions on full length evaluations – they won’t recruit an athlete without it. Highlight video is not sufficient for a college coach to make a commitment to an athlete because it does not provide a adequate sample of elements such as skills, team play, IQ and attitude for college coaches to feel comfortable with such a critical decision for their programs.

We realize that we are part of a very dedicated, close knit and exciting community of athletes and coaches and that if we continue to create advantages for them, they will make us part of their team and return our loyalty and commitment.

Our customers and coaching community are our lifeblood and will be treated so. We will make them more knowledgeable about the recruiting process and provide them with innovative tools to make them more efficient in their efforts, both as athletes and coaches. We will be very accessible and place a premium on customer service. Our dedicated staff will work with our college coaches to ensure satisfaction and meet their ongoing needs. We will do these things to fulfill our passion for helping young athletes and coaches achieve their dreams and goals.