Full Game Video: Critical for Recruiting

Coaches must evaluate beyond highlight tapes to see all aspects of a prospect’s skills, knowledge and effort and will not trust their decisions to just highlights.

Highlight video is insufficient for a college coach to make a commitment to an athlete because it does not provide an adequate sample of factors such as skills, team play, IQ and attitude for college coaches to feel comfortable in making such a critical decision for their program.

Recruiting Sports Network was developed to help these athletes and their current and future college coaches by providing the key missing piece to connecting them for athletic opportunities – a platform for athletes to directly upload full game videos for immediate viewing by college coaches, thus eliminating several hurdles and making the recruiting process more efficient for both athletes and coaches.

RSN’s resources also provide athletes and coaches with the opportunity for an earlier assessment in the recruiting process and facilitate more detailed due diligence for coaches, thus guaranteeing a better match between school and athlete and minimizing issues such as the chronic incidence of transfers in intercollegiate athletics.

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