Recruiting Sports Network Certified by NCAA

NCAA Designates Recruiting Technology and Content Leader with Scouting Certification

Recruiting Sports Network (RSN) has again received certification from the NCAA for our recruiting, scouting and video-related services. RSN has been recognized as one of the select few in its industry to adhere to and follow the strict standards set forth by the NCAA in order to conduct business as a certified recruiting and video service. This designation is significant as, in accordance with NCAA bylaws, NCAA Division I institutions are only permitted to subscribe to entities that passed the NCAA approval process (as it pertains to the sports of football and men’s and women’s basketball).

This certification reflects RSN’s position as a trusted knowledge leader providing key tools to facilitate an ideal connection between athletes and college coaches in the recruiting process.

“We have been diligent to ensure that we have received this NCAA designation since our inception. It validates our continued efforts to provide next level technology on digital, mobile and personal levels to connect student-athletes with their ideal college program and coaches. We appreciate the efforts of the NCAA and its member institutions to professionalize our business as a whole. Our student athletes and their parents, in particular, need trusted resources and information in the athletic recruiting process and our mission is to serve them in this role. We will continue to expand and make these resources more accessible as our platforms and services grow,” stated George White, CEO of Recruiting Sports Network.


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