College Coaches

As a former College Head Coach, I know that you typically base your recruiting and athletic scholarship decisions on FULL GAME/COMPETITION evaluations and that highlight videos aren’t sufficient to provide you with the perspective to make a an adequate assessment of an athlete.

I developed Recruiting Sports Network to help you gain a recruiting advantage by more efficiently fulfilling your need for full length video of your recruiting prospects as well as expanding your recruiting footprint to include athletes from not only the entire U.S. but also around the globe.

RSN provides you with FREE, instant open access to our full video library of games and competitions which have been directly uploaded to RSN by recruits or their coaches.

By utilizing our video library, you will cut through the numerous hurdles which you regularly face to easily and economically observe and evaluate athletes in a full game setting.

Also, athletes and their coaches can forward their full competition video, profile and academic info to you in a timely manner.

We also enable you to more efficiently manage your recruiting time and budget by enabling you to qualify prospects athletically and academically prior to committing the time and expense of traveling to see them in person.

As you know, traditional means of both delivering and obtaining full length video is costly, work intensive and time consuming for you and prospective recruits and their coaches. However, by utilizing RSN:

  • You have the flexibility to view games directly on RSN or download them to various devices to watch at your convenience.
  • Athletes’ full competition videos can be directly uploaded from a variety of devices and sources expediting athletes’ ability to provide you with immediate access.
  • You will also have access to each athlete’s profile of key personal, athletic and academic info.
  • Athletes will be able to upload a copy of their academic transcript for your immediate review.

We admire the hard work and effort that you are dedicating to building your and maintaining the success of your program and appreciate the opportunity to assist you in finding your ideal prospects. RSN will give you a recruiting advantage by increasing your resources for evaluation as well as significantly broaden your base of prospects worldwide. The result will be finding the best talent and fit for both you and your recruits.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need any assistance.

George White, Founder
Recruiting Sports Network