How to Upload Video

In order to upload your full game video, first register on our site as an Athlete. There is a link to register at the top right of the homepage. You will then receive a confirmation email - click on the link within this email to confirm and proceed with inputting the rest of your information, including your preferred list of schools.

To begin uploading your full game video first go to your dashboard page:

Inline image 1
  1. You must have at least 1 available credit to upload a video and attach yourself to it, so purchase a credit if you haven't already. When there is 1 or greater next to the My Credits area, click upload video. You will then see a window that looks like this:
    Inline image 3
  2. Enter all the information relating to your video, then select your video file and click the "Save and Upload" button to start the upload process. (Note that your video will NOT begin uploading until you click the "Save and Upload" button). That bar will show the upload's processing progress. Please do not log out or exit the site while the video is uploading (this can take a while depending on the speed of your broadband connection and the size of the video, so be patient). Once the upload is complete, your video will be displayed on your "My Videos" page, like so:
    Inline image 3
  3. Each video will also be listed on your dashboard (see below). Once a college coach views your video, their school will also be noted on your dashboard page.
    Inline image 4

Please keep in mind that we limit all video uploads to 750MB. If you video exceeds this limitation, then we recommend that you compress your video into MPEG4 or FLV format. You can do this on either a Windows or Macintosh computer using freely available software.

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding this process, contact us.