Creating Your Video

While it’s not necessary to produce professional quality full game videos to upload to RSN, we recommend the following approach and elements, where possible, based on your level of technological proficiency and tools.

  • Most importantly, ensure that your videos are of decent quality - you and the game/competition should be clearly identifiable throughout.
  • Precede the game video with some of your highlights to help peak the coaches’ interest and familiarize them with you and your abilities.
  • Identify yourself with a spot shadow or arrow.
  • Even though RSN also provides this information, include your key personal and athletic information in graphics at the beginning of the overall video:
    • Your Name
    • Number
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Position
    • School name
    • Graduation year
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  • Again , though RSN provides this information, it also helps to remind the coach by indicating with graphics at the start of the game video:
    • Your Name
    • Your School or Team Name vs. Opponent Team name
    • Date
    • Score
    • Your Number
    • Your Jersey color

Also, make sure that you follow up to make sure that coach received the email link

If you have any trouble, Contact Us or send a DVD to us and we will upload your video for you.