Recruiting Sports Network Copyright Retractions

After submitting a copyright infringement notification, copyright owners may realize that they misidentified content or they may otherwise change their mind. Recruiting Sports Network (“RSN”) is therefore always glad to honor retractions of copyright claims from the party who originally submitted them.

If you're a content owner, please make sure you send us the following information if you wish to retract a claim:

  1. A statement of retraction (such as "I hereby retract my claim of copyright infringement")
  2. The complete and specific URL of the video in question (this looks like
  3. An electronic signature (typing your full legal name will do)

If you're a user affected by a copyright claim, you may reach out to the copyright owner directly in search of a retraction. Please have the claimant contact us directly at [email protected] with all the items listed above.

Please note that we will not process retractions that are not sent from the same alias that submitted the original claim.