College coaches and recruiters base their recruiting and athletic scholarship decisions on FULL GAME/COMPETITION evaluations– they won’t recruit your child without it.

Highlights won’t be sufficient.

As a former college head coach, I developed Recruiting Sports Network to give your athlete the advantage in connecting with college coaches by providing:

The key missing piece to this process – the ability to regularly upload their full game videos for instant viewing by college coaches. They can also connect to videos uploaded by their coach or to others already in our system.

By doing so, you will cut through the numerous hurdles faced by college coaches to adequately observe and evaluate your child in full competition settings - multiple times.

We enable you and your athlete’s coaches to avoid the DVD copying and mailing hassle and expense.

Traditional means of both delivering and obtaining full length videos is costly, work intensive and time consuming for both college coaches and you or your child’s coach. However, by utilizing RSN:

  • Your athlete’s full competition videos can be directly uploaded from a variety of devices and sources thus expediting your ability to provide college coaches’ with immediate access to their games.
  • College coaches will also have access to your child’s profile of their key personal, athletic and academic info.
  • You will be able to upload a copy of your athlete’s transcript which is also a very critical item for college coaches in the recruiting process.

We admire the hard work and sacrifices that you and your child are making to excel in their sport and your sacrifices and support of them in their dream to play at the next level. RSN will help them rise above the rest to get there and find the best fit.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need any assistance.

George White, Founder
Recruiting Sports Network